There isn’t a central hub for joining teams. FIRST teams form organically when students have the desire to engage and adults see the value in committing to make it happen. CERF is here to facilitate team connections, host events, help new coaches get started, connect teams and technical mentors. What we don’t do is act like a soccer league and assign students to teams. If you want to start a team with any group of excited kids, we can guide you and help you find resources to get started.

Teams might form at a school with a teacher-coach, but quite often teams form as part of a scout team, a neighborhood group of friends, a church group, a homeschool group… any group of kids who love to build together.

Below are existing teams in Columbia, Missouri, as of September 2023.

Team affiliation Grades Program Affiliate   Contact
Army Ants
Community-wide FRC team, hosted by CERF and MU College of Engineering
9-12 FRC
Rock Bridge High School 9-12 “Lefty Loosey” FTC   Mr. Ben Smith
Hickman High School 9-12 FTC Team forming fall of 2023    
Jefferson Middle School 6-8 FLL (6th and 7th grades)
FTC (8th grade)
  Ms. Kate McKenzie, Industrial Tech teacher
Gentry Middle School 6-8 FLL   Ms. Dorcas Qian
John Warner Middle School 6-8 FLL   Ms. Jennifer Sirois
Oakland Middle School 6-8 FLL   Mr. Andrew Byrd
Shepard Elementary School 4-5 FLL   Ms. Sharon Salmons
West Blvd. Elementary 4-5 FLL   Ms. Misha Fugit
Alpha Hart Elementary 4-5 FLL   Ms. April Sarff
Midway Elementary 4-5 FLL   Ms. Erin White
Grant Elementary 5 FLL   Mr. Matt Kuensting